To the families of the boarders



Having taken note of the measures to contain the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic,

Having seen the Prime Ministerial Decree of 4 March 2020,

Seen the joint note of 4 March 2020,

Seen the note from the Ministry of Education of 6 March 2020,


Given the need to protect the school workers health,

Considering the objective difficulties in guaranteeing all the dispositions of the Ministerial note concerning the Covid 19 epidemic within the Boarding School,

In view of the possibility of a further worsening of the epidemic global situation which could prevent underage students from returning to their families,

Given the possibility of a continuation of the suspension of teaching activities beyond the date of 15 March,




the boarding school closure from the 9th March until the resumption of regular teaching activities.


The Rector - School Principal

Prof. Annalisa Boni

For foreign students: you have the time to organize your return trip


Para estudiantes extranjeros: tienes tiempo para organizar tu viaje de regreso