WE communicate that the opening of the Boarding School and the relative reception of the boarders will happen from the hours 15:30 of the day 13/09/2020. 
We remind you that the entrance of those enrolled in the Boarding School is subject to compliance with the following access regulations: 
  • - proof of payment  of previous years tuition fees
  • - proof of payment of the first installment of the annual fee as indicated on the registration form, payment of the damage deposit of € 200.00 (mandatory), payment of the fee of € 150.00 as reimbursement of laundry expenses (optional). This year, in order to minimize the risks related to contagion, the free exits will be allowed only for valid and justified reasons for which it is strongly recommended to make the payment related to the internal laundry service.
  • - Subscription of the document "Educational and health co-responsibility pact" attached to this document.
  • - Having read and signed the summary regulatory information on measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID 19 attached hereto.
  • - Signing of the declaration of commitment to the withdrawal of the Convittore/convittrice, within 6 hours from the communication by the Convittore*, by a parent/guardian, or person indicated in the delegation signed by a parent/guardian .
  • - The entrance will be allowed only to the guest: the parents will take care to accompany their children until the entrance where the staff will help the guest in transporting their suitcases and in reaching their room.
    - In consideration of the specificity of the convivial activity and in order to protect the entire community, admission will be subject to the presentation of a certificate of non-positive serological test with a maximum prior date of four days.
    - In the hypothesis that, during the course of the year, the boarderr presents symptoms attributable to Covid 19, it is communicated that the following procedures have been implemented: 
    - Isolation in a special room with remote surveillance and safety, with simultaneous communication to the referring doctor who will decide on the possible activation of the procedures provided by the ASL of competence. Since these procedures will be necessary, immediate communication will be given to the parent/guardian or to the person identified by the parent/guardian so that the guest can be taken within the six hours provided for by the above guidelines.
    Aware of the particular situation we are all experiencing, but at the same time determined to ensure the safety of the services we offer, we take this opportunity to extend cordial greetings to you.